Wix, 2011-2018

A platform to create, design, manage and develop your web presence exactly the way you want.


I started doing part time tech support, and after a year and a half I got a shot at the UX team, where I stayed for 5 years. During that time, I got to work on a wide variety of projects, for which I'm super greatful.

Wix provided me with an amazing enviornment to grow as a designer.

The Editor Team, 2012-2014

When I started out at the UX team, I worked on small features in the main editor, working in a tight feedback loop within a large group of designers.

One project that's still alive today is the link panel. It's a way to link elements to a variety of different channels.


One of the products I got to launch during that time was Bookings, which lets customers schedule a class, or book an appointment from a user's website. This small feature had 1 million users in September 2019.


Another product I got to see from inception to launch was Shoutout. This one started as a hackathon project, and then moved on to becoming a major component in Wix's line of products for SMB's.

Innovation Lab, 2014-2018

A research team led by Nadav Abrahami (Wix's Co-Founder), that was tasked with exploring new opportunities within our giant R&D team - trying to both improve developer velocity and experience as well as the experience of using Wix's main editor.

A/B Testing Tool

During that time I designed interfaces for analysts and developers, to provide an abstraction that will make them better at their job.

Stylable and the Style Panel

Stylable is a way for developers to structure how style is applied to components. My responsibilities included running usability tests for APIs and Syntax, building a WYSIWYG editor, building example apps and general maintaince for an open source project.

Having successfully launched Stylable, we started gradually adding Stylable Components to the editor, while supporting the existing flow to styling a component.

Since we were already addressing the Style Panel, we decided it was a good time to make a few changes, and add some long-standing features 🎉

This solution was gradually rolled out over 2019 to all of Wix's +100 MILLION users

We started with EXTENSIVE research

Once we had an understanding of what are the limitations of the existing products, I designed a new version that greatly increased what you can do with the editor, while still being playful and inviting.

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