Knox, 2018-2019

A digital asset management platform for financiers and developers


As a company trying to power the internet of value, one of the basic building blocks we knew we had to build was Storage. This was an attempt to become the obvious solution for app developers that need this component in their stack.


As opposed to traditional competitor analysis, we went and talked with users of competing products, documenting our findings using Tomer Sharon's brilliant method.

The insights we got allowed us to identify several types of problems people face, the main ones being:

  • HMW remain safe without sacrificing convenience?
  • HMW reduce overhead caused by fragmentation in Crypto?

Low Fidelity Design

Once we uncovered the problems and the Jobs to be Done, we started mapping out the complete user journey so we could begin sketching a solution.

I then created a clickable prototype to have a way to discuss potential solutions with the team

After several iterations, we agreed on which functionality is required in each step, and I could move to detailed design.

Detailed Design

Seeing as we were ready to move to detailed design, I created a mood board to help me create a visual language that's luxurious, to match our clients which are financial institutions, but at the same time feel modern.

Started out with the mobile version


The onboarding for this project required special attention, since a lot of information is required in order to start conducting business as a regulated custodian.

Design System

Since the product had several different teams working on it, it was important for developer velocity and design consistency that we extract a design system that will be reused across the different code bases.

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