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My role was mainly doing UX and UI for different teams from the main editor, to open source dev-tools


I started doing part time tech support, and after a year and a half I got a shot at the UX team, where I stayed for 5 years. During that time, I got to work on a wide variety of projects, for which I'm super greatful.

Wix provided me with an amazing enviornment to grow as a designer.

The Editor Team

When I started out at the Wix team, I worked on small features in the main editor, working in a tight feedback loop within a large group of designers.

One project that's still alive today is the link panel. It's a way to link elements to a variety of different channels.

Link Panel Sketch Link Panel

Another example is adding the ability to schedule a class, or book an appointment from your website. Booking Pnel

One of the products I enjoyed working on the most was Shoutout. This started as a hackathon project, and then moved on to becoming a major component in Wix's line of products for SMB's. Shoutout

Developer Tools

Half the time I spent at Wix was with a research team, led by one of the founders, that was tasked with exploring new opportunities within our giant R&D team - trying to both improve developer velocity and experience as well as the experience of using Wix's main editor.

During that time I designed interfaces for analysts and developers, to provide an abstraction that will make them better at their job. A/B Testing Tool Sketch A tool for analysing A/B test results


My favorite project had surprisingly little GUI. Stylable is a way for developers to structure how style is applied to components. My responsibilities included running usability tests for APIs and Syntax, building a WYSIWYG editor, building example apps and general maintaince for an open source project.

Stylable Wevsite