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Tiny Telegram groups for designers

This is a side project. I did everything from coming up with the idea to deploying the website


I want to let people (like me 🙋‍♂️) have the conversations that can only occur while working closely with other amazing designers, and even then I find that the conversation you have are mostly about the current work, or personal life (Which is also important 😅).



  • Online communities are not suitable for sharing rough ideas, or worries... They focus on growth and end up being too impersonal. They're missing the connections that are only established over time and in private.
  • When you want feedback on your work, you're limited to your direct surroundings which has limited diversity and is generally within the same echo chamber
  • The feedback you receive on social networks is very shallow, plus you cannot show work over time, and with a better understanding of the context in which you are producing the work.

Design Goals & KPIs


  • New members
  • New signups


  • Time from signup to first message (key!)


  • Member activity
  • Group Size
  • Discussion depth (how to measure?)
  • Member activity/Time



Once I fleshed out what the problem is, it was time to put together a website to explain the idea and the process, and to get people signed up. I started by sketching a rough draft, then moved to the computer to wireframe and finally design.

Home page sketch

Home page Wireframe

Home page Detailed Design

*Important to note that the illustration are from Humaaans


Finally, I opened a text editor and started building the site in HTML & CSS. I hooked up Google Analytics and Typeform and started spreading the word. People have been signing up and they seem to like it!

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