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Creating a data platform for the Blockchain industry

My role was in conducting user research, defining the problems, coming up with a solution and directing a graphic designer for the detailed design


Today, information in the crypto space is deeply fragmented, and people rely mostly on the projects that are able to generate hype.

One Alpha tried to be the single source of truth for the industry.



  1. There's no one single repository when conducting research about the industry, e.g Deal Flow
  2. It's hard to find the people that fill a certain role in blockchain companies, or if you want to find people from companies in a certain lifecycle step (pre-ico, post-ico, etc...).


When I'm conducting research for a blockchain company, I want a single source of truth to look at, so that I could quickly find candidates that answer my research criteria

User Flows

We mapped out the different screens and actions a user might go through to solve the problems listed above

one user flow

Functional Prototype

Once we agreed on the major screens and components, I started working on a functional prototype to discuss different possible UI direction

one wire1

one wire2

one wire3

Detailed Design

Once the prototype was complete, and we ran some hallway tests to see it made sense to other people, I worked with our fantastic visual designer to complete the design (which she implemented)

one design1

one design2

Regulation Database

Another aspect of this project was to collaborate and build a similar database, but for regulation rather than individual projects.

one reg whiteboard

one reg wireframe1

one reg wireframe2

one reg design


The toughest challenge in this entire project, was actually the back office where analysts go over information that's been scanned

one bo sketch

one bo wireframe